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The game ends at the end of the third round, unless a player has won before then by capturing his third Legion Fort. The players add up the points of all their forts, and the player with the highest total is the winner.


In case of a tie, the tied player who has the most forts is the winner. If they are still tied, it's the player with the highest value fort who wins. If the highest value is the same, we look at the second value, and so on.


Despite of what the rule said, if you play against neutral players only (solo game), neutral players can win the game, with 3 Legion Forts or with highest total.

In other games (two human players or more), the neutral players can't win, nor stop the game with 3 Legion Forts, as the rule said.


1) all the players simultaneously flip (reveal) their leftmost warrior hidden in The Wall, and leave it face-up.

If multiple Ch'ariott are revealed this turn, all those Ch'ariott are discarded before points are counted.

2) Effects of the Warrior cards

if a single Qween is revealed this turn, she steals the point value (but not the effect) of a rival clan's warrior revealed this turn.

Each player then sums up the total strength of their visible warriors, by adding up their points. A Filchy revealed this turn neutralizes her camp for this turn. an Arch'r revealed this turn wins the tie.

If you capture the fort on the turn in which you reveal Dru'hid, you may take the fort of your choice from The Wall and replace it with the fort you're not taking.

If you capture a fort on the turn where you reveal Axx, you may choose not to discard him, keeping the card face-up.

In the same time, If you don't capture a fort on the turn where you reveal Horsie, you must discard one of your face-up warriors, and if you revealed Svord, you can freely reorder your still-hidden, face down warriors.

3) Effect of Fort Card, if any

if one player manages to claim 3 of the 4 Legion Forts, that player immediately wins the game!

4) The winner takes this fort and discards all of its face-up warriors.


As many steps are resolved automatically, you can replay all actions which occured since your last move, before playing your next move.

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