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SOLO GAMEPremium (by Yoann Levet)

- The playing field is the same as for two players. Gallery starting player is placed on the starting location of 3 players. The other rules are identical to those of the base game, except for the placement of objectives.
- objectives "Nurses" are removed from the game. Draw two objectives of level I that are placed on the locations of objectives of level I. Then draw five objectives of level I that are placed face down in a pile on the location of the spring track seasons. The same is done with five objectives of level II and III, respectively, that are placed on the sites of summer and autumn. 4 cubes are placed on the location of food winter. This indicates how much food should provide the player during the next winter. At the end of each year a food cube will be added indicating the price to pay for the following winter. Part solo Myrmes can indeed last longer than 3 years.

game can begin with these changes:
- A player can perform several times each season action workshop.
- Only the left-most goals can be achieved. When performing a goal the player removes this goal and slides to the left all the objectives of this line (see below). If the goal was achieved of Level I, the nurse is placed in the room nurses. If the objective was achieved Level II or III the nurse is placed in the player's reserve and can be recreated later.
- When performing special objectives tiles, cubes of his color that the player withdraws from special tiles are removed from the game. A player will not be able to build more than 4 special tiles throughout the game.
- At the end of each season, when removing a die of the season track, reveal the objective tile above and place it on the objectives spaces. Placing the left-most tile possible, on top if there are two possibilities. If there is no more available space for placing the tile, the player immediately loses the game.
- In the winter the player is obliged to provide all the food required, otherwise he loses the game immediately.

The player's objective is to be able to survive until all the objective tiles face down on the seasons track are placed and he managed to spend the last winter. There is no need to achieve all the goals to win the game.

player records his score normally throughout the game in order to compare its performance to the next part. His score is not valid if he loses the game.

Have fun!


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