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Envie de jouer


Eliminate all your opponent's pieces


Game board, divided into hexagonal spaces.
32 hexagonal pieces: 16 for each side. The pieces are printed identically on both their faces.


The pieces are arranged on the game board. A piece moves by turning over onto one of its 6 adjacent spaces by pivoting on its axis. The aim is to target and eliminate an opposing piece by lining up a single colour on the same axis, as shown in Diagram no. 1.
You can capture a piece at any distance by targeting it with the side with the identical colour.
By targeting several colours a single piece can capture several pieces in one move! You can do this in 2 ways:

It is not possible to capture a piece by passing over another piece in the way. It is necessary for both pieces to be facing each other directly, whatever the number of spaces between them. But moving one piece can enable another piece – lying in wait till then – to attack an opposing piece (Diagram no. 4)


The pieces are arranged as shown in Diagram no. 5
10 pieces are installed for each player.


At his turn to play each player moves one piece of his choice by turning it over onto one of the 6 adjacent spaces - while of course trying to capture one or more of the opposing pieces!


1. Classic Version
The targeted pieces are definitively eliminated.
You win when you have captured all your opponent's pieces.

2. Expert Version
At the start of the game you have a reserve of 3 pieces in addition to the 10 on the board.
When you capture one of your opponent's pieces:

If you capture several pieces in one move you place the same number of pieces from your reserve on the board.

Note: if a piece is placed directly on the board with one or more colours facing one or more adverse colours there is no direct capture. A piece can only be captured as a result of a move
Note: on a succeeding move a player can replace one of his lost pieces, provided he succeeds in targeting an opposing piece.
Once a player has exhausted his reserve he can no longer replace his lost pieces. From then on each piece hit leaves the game definitively (as in the Classic version).

©2011 Envie de jouer, Khitan is a game by Ludovic Chabry.
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