How to play ?

WOOLY BULLY 2 RULES: aquatic extension


Object of the game

To build the largest enclosed field with sheeps of your color.

Game components

Starting the game

The "village square" tile is played in the middle of the table. "Landscape" tiles are shuffled.

Each player gets secretly a "shepherd" tile, and 4 "landscape" tiles.

The first turn

The first player must play one of their four tiles beside the starting tile, taking care to match the landscape of the tiles' edges. For the first turn, it is thus necessary to join a village edge to the starting tile. This player then draws a tile from the bag and adds it to her hand.

And so on...

Each player proceeds in the same way: placing a tile next to an already played tile, then drawing a tile (or several). In fact a player draws as many tiles as there are tiles touching the one they played (from 1 to 4 tiles can be drawn).

During his turn (for the online version), before or after playing a landscape tile, a player can:

End of the game

When everyone has given up or cannot play anymore, each player determines which enclosed field has the largest number of sheeps in their color, and which does not border a forest sheltering a Wolf. He receives 1 point per sheep in this field, plus any Quitting Bonus. The player with the highest total wins! The tie breaker is the biggest enclosed field.

REGLES DU JEU DE LA GUERRE DES MOUTONS 2 : extension aquatique

But du jeu

The object of the game is the same as in the original game.
In this extension - playable only with the original game - fields bordered by ponds are valid : a pond counts as a fence.
Moreover, all enclosed fields which touch a closed pond get a bonus point for each fish in the pond.
Ponds should also be protected from Fishermen !

Extension components

Starting the game

The tiles of this extension are shuffled with the "landscape" tiles of the original game. Then the game starts as usual.


Pond consists of several pond pieces adjacent to each other and closed by sheep fences, forests and villages.
Fields closed and partially lined with ponds are also taken into account. In addition, all enclosed fields which touch a closed pond by at least one side get a bonus of one point per fish.
Warning: if the pond contains a Fisherman, it catches all the fish the pond and no bonus is given, unless a Fishing Guard was placed on top.

"32 discarded tiles" variant
More tiles means longer games. If you want a game as fast as before but with renewal, check the option "32 tiles discarded " (randomly) when creating a new game.

"waterproof wool" variant
You can not stop progress! With the advent of these new ponds, our shepherds decided to equip all their sheep with water wings so they can dip ! 2 enclosed fields containing the same color of sheep separated by the same pond are considered a single enclosure. So we will add sheeps from this super field, and fishes from the pond - if no Fisherman...

Play a Fisherman (works as Wolf)
A Fisherman inside a pond threatens all fishes from the pieces that compose it. A pond threatened by a Fisherman worth nothing (but is still a valid border for sheep fields). There are 3 Fishermen in the game.
Fishing Guard cancels Fisherman.

Play a Fishing Guard (works as Hunter)
It can be played beside a pond in a preventive manner: no Fisherman can be attached to a pond guarded by a Fishing Guard. If one or more Fishermen are already in a pond, a Fishing Guard is needed to remove each of them (just override the Fisherman with the Fishing Guard).
There are 3 Fishing Guards in the game.

The "baaah" box
The player who reveals his color or play a character tile (Hunter, Wolf, Fishing Guard, Fisherman) grabs the baaah box.
At the end of the game, the player who has kept the box in front of him gets a penalty of 2 points.


The points are counted in the same manner as in the basic game, but:



or ?
In "anchor" mode, the position of your hand of tiles is linked to the page (if you scroll down, your hand will go up). In the default mode, the position of your hand of tiles is linked to the window (if you scroll down, your hand overrides the board).

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©2002 Asmodée, La guerre des moutons is a game by Philippe Des Pallières
©2013 Lui-même / Asmodée, La guerre des moutons 2 is an extension by Philippe Des Pallières
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