How to play ?



The storyteller

One player is the storyteller for the turn. He looks at the 6 images in his hand. From one of these, he makes up a sentence and says it out loud (without showing the card to the other players). The sentence can take different forms: it can be made of one word or more, it can even be a sound. The sentence can be either invented or be inspired from an existing work of art (poetry or song sample, movie title, proverb, etc).

Choosing a card for the storyteller

The other players select amongst their 6 images the one that best matches the sentence made up by the storyteller. The selected cards are shuffled with the storyteller card, and are placed randomly face up on the table.

Finding the storyteller's image: the vote

The goal of the other players is to find which image is from the storyteller amongst the displayed ones. Each player secretly votes for the card that he believes belongs to the storyteller (who doesn't vote). To do so, he clicks on the image he voted for. Once everybody has voted, all the voting tokens are revealed as well as the storyteller true card.

Note: You're not allowed to vote for your own image.


End of turn

Each player draws cards into his hand until he has 6. The storyteller for the new turn is the next player in the turn order.


The game ends when the last card has been drawn. The player with the most points is the winner.


Dixit is a game by Jean-Louis Roubira edited by Libellud
Adaptation on-line Waybgo (