How to play ?

2 players.

Object of the game : be the first to reach 15 victory points.

To set up each round of the game, the nine buttons are randomly arranged in a circle: three red for Buttonaparte, three black for Von York Buttonburg, and three neutral white spies.

Alternately, each players will use spies, in order to move troops. On a turn, the active player takes one stack that contains a spy (white button), then distributes that stack clockwise one button at a time, with the buttons coming off the bottom of the stack as they're placed.

EXTRA TURN : If the last button placed matches color with the button it covers, the player who moved MUST take another turn !

This doesn't apply if the stack being moved contains more buttons than remaining stacks; in this case, the final buttons are placed on the last stack without rearranging their order.

End of round - End of game - Scoring : When only one stack remains, the round ends. Each button has strength equal to its height in the stack; players sum their strength, and the player with the most strength earns points equal to the difference between the two sums. If one player now has 15 or more points, he wins; if not, shuffle the buttons and start another round with the player who has the fewest points going first. (In case of tie, the player who losts the last round decides).



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Button Up is a game by Bruno Cathala published by Jactalea
Online version by fredm (