Resign a game

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Resign a game

Message par Russ » 23 Juin 2022 1:01

Is it possible to resign a game? I don't care about taking the loss on ratings. I am in a game of Alhambra (game id 134070) where a player seems to be checking in once every two weeks. I have no desire to continue but I hate to make the other 2 players wait the 30 days to remove me
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Re: Resign a game

Message par peculiarpetunia » 23 Juin 2022 19:39

I don't think there's a way to get out of a game, except to not play for 30 days and get kicked out...

But, there is a way to avoid those games. I got so frustrated with games with players that disappeared for days or weeks, I ended up getting a Premium subscription. Now I can create games that only the fastest players can join, a 3-day timeout, and I can check players' speed rating before I join someone else's game. To me totally worth the $5 (CAD) per month with 6-month subscription, no more of those frustrating games.
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