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Site Registration Problem

Message par Scott14 » 22 Nov 2020 2:00

Wow!!! What a cluster trying to register for this site. On a 10 point scale I am a solid 2, and only here because a friend wants to play a game on this site.

What happened? Well, well, silly me, I used my email address as a user ID. A lot of sites encourage this now so I just defaulted to using my email address as the user ID and then of course, my email address is the same. If that locks up the registration system, how about a simple warning not to do that?! Is that hard?

Verification email for my account? NO. Can I use forgot my password? Hell NO. Can I create a new account with a different user ID and the same email? Of course, NOOO!

I would never have pursued it further but my friend pesters me again this week to sort through my problem and all the same issues repeat. My hate level is maxed. But, I create a new email address just for the very special Boiteajeax site, paying careful attention to the user ID trap, and it WORKS!

So I just want to communicate my problem and if you don't like it, fine by me. If you want to ban me, well, I never really wanted to be here. But when there is no contact information on the site to report problems I figure a review in the forum is the only option. Happy gaming!
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Re: Site Registration Problem

Message par surok9068 » 22 Nov 2020 14:34


Sincerley sorry that you experienced this trouble - i'm not admnistrator and can't do anything about it, but i'm quite sure your experience will help to improove the registration process.
Tough your story is still a bit funny, and reminds me some trouble we have sometime facing some silly online administration web site :)
Good luck and welcome among the BAJ-players community.
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