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Bug Game #53635

Message Publié : 07 Déc 2018 1:08
par ChubbyKid
In this game, at the end of round 21, there was a feeding, with Hunger Prophecy (each worker requires +1 food for feeding).

I have two 3-feed farms and one 1-feed farm as my starting tile, with 6 workers and 5 corn. Having two 3-feed farms meant my 6 worker only require 1 food each. Adding on the fact that I have 1-feed farm as my starting tile meant that one of my workers should not need additional food at all for feeding. So 5 corn should be just enough to feed everyone.

However, the game only awarded me as having fed 5 workers and failed to feed the 6th worker, resulting in +6 - 3 = +3 points, instead of +13 points for feeding 6 workers.

Re: Bug Game #53635

Message Publié : 17 Sep 2021 21:55
par Montesque
Not a bug :)