Groups of friends?

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Groups of friends?

Message par petyr » 09 Juin 2016 22:53

Hello, all,

maybe it was discussed in the past, if so, please give me a link on a forum topic.

The idea is to group friends, and then create games for this or that group. Generally, one friend can belong to several groups.

The problem I want to solve is this: I want to create Dixit games for Russian-writing players, but there are only 10 invitation fields. Instead of personal invitations, I'd like just to create games for one group of friends (about 20 BAJ users).
"Life is but a game" ("La vie n'est qu'un jeu"). What kind of game is your life?

And I'll never play games with 30 day limit again!
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Re: Groups of friends?

Message par Mysterix » 09 Juin 2016 23:29

I would like the same thing, I would have 3 groups :
- dixit peyo-like friends
- friends I want to invite to play other games
- friends who come once a year, that I want to see in green, but don't want to spam them with invitations

But I guess it's a complex request for a need that only a few have
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Re: Groups of friends?

Message par peyo_fr » 10 Juin 2016 15:17

Mysterix a écrit :... a need that only a few have

a few +1 ! :bieremetal:
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