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new: fast games!

Message par diplojak » 03 Fév 2015 16:32

Premium members can now choose the maximum time allowed to make a move, when creating a new game. the new default value is one week. The options available are 30 days, 1 week, 3 days, 1 day and 12 hours. If a player is late, he is not immediately out of the game, it requires a manual action of opponents, as before. Request for replacement or removal of the game with game counted as lost for the missing player in both cases.

This move timer is materialized in the dashboard by small calendars. For now there is no calendar for 30 days per move games, we see if it is missing or not.
To see when the last move was played, and how much time remains the active player, you can move the mouse over the number of the game. Normally it also works for tablets, and also in the game research section, unlike before.
If you have less than 24 hours in a game,, that game is highlighted in red on your dashboard.

Non-subscribers continue to create games with a period of 30 days. But they are free to join any quick game if it is visible from them.

Another improvement: substitute players now have peace and love icon next to their name on the dashboard. so everyone knows who will be rated and who won't.

have fun,
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