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01/24/2020 last night problem
following a server maintenance reboot, the database crashed. it is fixed but it is possible that the status of the game in your dashboard is not the real one. It means the real player active in the game may not be what he seems on the portal. It is enough for the really active player to take his turn to make everything in order, but for that he must know it. The easiest way is to go see all your games and play if it's your turn.

please let me know of any remaining problem.
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01/22/2020 the email server is down

outgoing mails have been blocked for two days. You no longer receive any e-mail from boitajeux. We are working on it...

sorry for the inconvenience,
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12/16/2019 Pearl Games games closed... and reopened on boiteajeux
at the request of the publisher, Bruxelles 1893, Deus and Ginkgopolis were removed from our catalog. Pearl Games tells us they want to "exploit their games themselves for any digital version".

sorry for the bad news!
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Agricola #3647770
haydnlloyd (+4 ELO)
Yinsh #11954
Tgxennot (+26 ELO)
Yinsh #11951
Tgxennot (+24 ELO)
Nations: the Dice G. #111090
dougyfresh (+20 ELO)
Agricola #3649214
kpnguyen (+17 ELO)
Kanban #10498
gobywar (+31 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #466101
piotrekbier (+48 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #464051
Ironman99 (+52 ELO)
Concordia #44946
donkeykong66 (+48 ELO)
Die Burgen von Burg. #467436
FrauHasenherz (+34 ELO)
Alhambra #124349
FrauHasenherz (+22 ELO)
Tzolk'in #63150
Mochila (+40 ELO)
Tzolk'in #63376
haydnlloyd (+8 ELO)
Agricola #3641864
Heavyboobs (+35 ELO)
Concordia #47342
DonJamon (+37 ELO)
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