[Bug] Can select too many monsters by deselecting a ghost

[Bug] Can select too many monsters by deselecting a ghost

Message par dodgyphil » 18 Mai 2019 18:37

I have 4 monsters and a ghost for an upcoming fight in a room (where 2 monsters + any number of ghosts are allowed). If I select two of the monsters (a witch and a goblin), I can still select the ghost, as expected. However, I can then click on the ghost again, deselecting *all* choices (according to the highlighting). If I then click on a *third* monster (here, a vampire), the display flips from none being selected to *three* monsters being selected. I can then even choose the ghost, as well (I tried to attach a screenshot, but it seems attachments aren't allowed). The selection appears to be accepted; only one monster was left behind (I then undid everything, since I don't actually want to cheat). If I start again, it seems I can repeat this (and it works e.g. with different combinations of monsters chosen).

The game has id=10090, in case that helps (but my guess is that this "works" whenever one has at least 3 monsters + a ghost available...).
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