Display of imps / food / money during events

Display of imps / food / money during events

Message par nandblock » 10 Sep 2018 17:36

A suggestion: I find the display confusing for the number of imps, food or money during events that require you to give them up (such as VIP visit, taxes, visits to the Festival in the expansion). The number displayed is NOT the number you have--it is the number MINUS the amount you are hypothetically giving up. This difference might seem a small thing, or even a convenience, but it can lead to error. For instance, during Taxes, if the display says I have only 2 gold, I have to look more closely: it might actually be saying that I currently have 5 gold but have to pay 3 gold in tax (if I have 6 tunnels/rooms), unless I decide not to pay some. I have VERY frequently read too quickly or forgotten about this quirk of the display, thought to myself "OMG! I need to save money/food/imps!" and failed to pay taxes or not sent imps to the festival or so on, and only after I clicked "Confirm" realized I DID have the resources to do this.

Anyway, I realize that this may just be my perpetual failure to remember this feature of the site's implementation, but I don't think it would be super hard to modify the display to make it clear how many resources you actually have and how many you will hypothetically lose if you click Confirm (for instance, display the correct number but put the potential modified number next to it, differentiated by colour or ghosting/transparency or something of the kind).
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