[Dungeon Lords][Ligue][Saison 2] Inscriptions/Registration

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[Dungeon Lords][Ligue][Saison 2] Inscriptions/Registration

Message par pabula » 12 Avr 2017 14:59


The League is for fans of Dungeon Lords.
I'm planning to start next season one-two weeks after this season finishes.
And one season may take even up to four months.
So please consider your inscription!


1. The league starts when the first one is finished.
We subscribe in this thread by entering your nickname. (Capital letters are important!)

2. We play the full version! Festival Seasons together with Random dungeon setup.

3. All interested participants will be divided into divisions - each 7 players. (first season by order of inscription)
Everybody plays 4 games simultaneously. Each game is a 4 player game.
(2 games with every player and each game on different starting place.)

4. Games are created automatically by me. Names of games we set according to the scheme: [Ligue]DL-sSdDgG where:
S - the number of season eg. 1
D - the number of divisions, eg. 1 (to be used if more divisions)
G - the number of game within the division, eg. 3
example: [Ligue]DL-s1d1g3

4. Scoring of each game:
the winner takes 10 points, second place 6 points, third place 3 points, the last 0,
draws - a sum divided by number of drawing players.

Winner of the league is the player who scores the most points in the first Division.

In future seasons the top two players from the each division will advance to a higher division, three players stay, and 2 last are relegated to a lower division. In case of a tie between players order is decided on the basis of points in games, in which they played together. In case of another tie, the number of small points that they have gained. In the event of a further tie, the place they started the division.

5. List of participants / scores:
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Re: [Dungeon Lords][Ligue][Saison 2] Inscriptions/Registrati

Message par lynkowsky » 12 Avr 2017 15:34

I'm in, thanks
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Re: [Dungeon Lords][Ligue][Saison 2] Inscriptions/Registrati

Message par wilfried » 13 Avr 2017 16:23

Still in
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Re: [Dungeon Lords][Ligue][Saison 2] Inscriptions/Registrati

Message par metron » 25 Avr 2017 20:28

I'm in 8)
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Re: [Dungeon Lords][Ligue][Saison 2] Inscriptions/Registrati

Message par Zee Dob » 26 Avr 2017 21:18

Sweet devilish greetings,

I would like to be there once again... :twisted:

Thanks Lord pabula!
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Zee Dob
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