Repeating warrior cards?

Repeating warrior cards?

Message par petyr » 06 Juil 2014 21:36

If I understand correctly, in the original game there are 9 unique warrior cards, and before each round we randomly choose 7 of 9. So they cannot repeat, can they? And in the BAJ implementation I see sometimes that warrior cards repeat in the beginning of rounds 2 and 3, at least Char'riot Mc... can appear twice.

Oh, there are two Char'riots in each deck, yes?
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Re: Repeating warrior cards?

Message par diplojak » 06 Juil 2014 21:38

BAJ implementation is the same as the original game: there are 9 cards, but there is not 8 value, and two 9 (ch'ariott) value.
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