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Resolving ties

15 Nov 2016 4:03

Hi Diplojak,

I recently tied for third place in a game of Bruxelles 1893. The ELO system decided to put me in fourth place, and I lost 26 pts vs third place 6 pts. How is this determined (ie, what tie-breaker is used)?



Re: Resolving ties

15 Nov 2016 9:05

Ties are resolved the way it is described in the rules.

In the email you received, even if you're under the tied player, if there is a "3." in front of your nickname, then you are 3rd as well.

Please note that even if you are tied, your ELO will evolve differently, regarding your previous ELO ranking.

if the game ranking is :
1. login1
2. login2
3. login3
3. you

Then the ELO evolution is the sum of the 6 following oppositions :
  • login1 beats login2
  • login1 beats login3
  • login1 beats you
  • login2 beats login3
  • login2 beats you
  • login3 and you are tied. if login3 had an inferior ELO, then it is normal if he loses less ELO than you. You had to be better (regarding your ELO) so you deserve to lose more ELO points. This is te basic principle of ELO ranking !

Re: Resolving ties

19 Nov 2016 9:14

Thanks for the reply and explanation. I hadn't noted that it listed us both as 3rd place. There are no tie-breakers in the 1893 rules, so that's part of my initial confusion. All clear now!

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