Request to remove a player

Request to remove a player

Message par teddog12 » 14 Juil 2016 9:47


I am unhappy at having to resort to this extreme step, but player Tjahzy is once again taking a month to take his turn in two of the Bruxelles 1893 games (#9519 and 9521). I warned him after he did this last month that I would ask for a replacement if he did not speed it up, and he has not responded. He will be 1 month delinquent in two days, and usually shows up a day before to make his move. If you cannot replace him, please replace me. I do not wish to try and play a game on line that will take two years or more to finish.

Thanks for you help!


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Re: Request to remove a player

Message par diplojak » 14 Juil 2016 10:04

teddog12 a écrit :usually shows up a day before to make his move.

I would hardly say "usually" when he did it once. I think he will not come back at all. If he does, I'll replace you.
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