No Corn on P2?? Game 47515

No Corn on P2?? Game 47515

Message par Dave_T » 14 Fév 2018 1:10

Can you explain to me why I got no corn after removing a worker from P2. (there were no wood tiles present, nor corn tiles, but I should get 4 corn nonetheless)
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Re: No Corn on P2?? Game 47515

Message par Meamer » 14 Fév 2018 2:01

From the rules:

When you use one of these harvest actions,
choose one of the four spaces in
that group and remove the top Harvest
Tile from it. If you removed a Wood
Tile, take the amount of wood depicted
on the action. If you removed
a Corn Tile, take the depicted amount
of corn. If all Harvest Tiles in that
group have already been taken, then
you cannot use the action (unless you have the level 2
agricultural technology that allows you to harvest corn
when no Corn Harvest Tile is available).

As you do not have the level 2 agricultural technology, the implementation is correct in giving you no corn.
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Re: No Corn on P2?? Game 47515

Message par Josquin » 14 Fév 2018 2:06

Hello Dave,
if my research is correct, you're talking about game #47515.

Sorry, as far as I can see from the game history: no corn tile present, so you don't get corn.
To get corn without a tile present, you must have the specific tech-level (agriculture level 2), which is unfortunatly not the case for you.

Try some fishing... or advance in the agriculture level before harvesting...

Have a nice game nevertheless

[EDIT: sorry, someone typed faster than me ...]
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Re: No Corn on P2?? Game 47515

Message par Taurus_1 » 14 Fév 2018 2:08

OK, thanks for clearing that up. Not a game I know particularly well!
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