question regarding jumping into a teleporter

question regarding jumping into a teleporter

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I have a question on whether one is able to move into a teleporter using the special jump tile. I've read through the rules and it's not exactly clear, in my opinion, but here are the relevant parts of the rules:

Jump: The Robot must Jump two hexes ahead. The middle hex can be non-empty, but the destination hex must be empty (or the Order is ignored). Robot orientation remains unchanged.

Teleporter: When a Robot enters a hex with a Teleporter, it is immediately placed on the opposite side of the matching colour Teleporter. It is forbidden to Zap and to Load or Unload Crystals through a Teleporter. It is allowed to push through a Teleporter, following the normal movement rules.

So for normal movements, if there is a robot, then teleporter, of course you can push the robot through it. so in that regard, the teleport isn't really considered occupying a hex in terms of normal pushing rules. However, the hex is clearly not empty, and the jump command clearly says the destination hex must be empty.

Any clarification on this from anyone (and I guess more importantly for me, what will the code for the game do, as opposed to what's "correct").

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