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Bug at game #433?

11 Avr 2014 16:12

At gam #433 I try to drop a crystal at my base, and before this action is carried out, I am prompted: Choose a free hex for the new Crystal !
But no free hex is marked, where I can click on, so the game does not continue.

Thanks for your help

Re: Bug at game #433?

11 Avr 2014 17:11

this is a new bug related to the changes that I just made for Chrome 34... I made new changes, it should be ok now.

Re: Bug at game #433?

11 Avr 2014 18:53

Thanks for the quick response!

I can place a new crystal now and the game continues. But after my move is finished, the dropped crystal at my base is still visible.

Re: Bug at game #433?

12 Avr 2014 8:25

yes, not a big deal. I made some urgent fix, but it is not perfect. Still, the crystal will disappear with the next move.
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