BUG? Harpagon & Millieu

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BUG? Harpagon & Millieu

Message par sourcerror » 25 Juin 2008 1:32

Hey All,

Sorry for writing in English, but my French is quite shameful. I've noticed some weird functionality in Shazamm, but I'm really not sure if it's a bug or a feature. If you can, try to access the Shazamm party #38593, and have a look at turn #21 to see what I'm talking about. I include a brief explanation here in case you cannot.
In the following situation 1----#2 (1 & 2 meaning the two wizards, # the firewall and - the empty spaces between them), wizard 1 spent 20 mana and cast harpagon, while wizard 2 cast milieu & boost reserve with 13 mana. After the turn the situation changed as follows: 1---#-2, and wizard 1 lost 20 points of mana (instead of, as I expected, none). If I understand correctly, the text on the card harpagon reads: "I regain all mana spent during the turn if the wall advances toward me". Which is exactly what happened here. So why did I lose the amount betted?

Sorry if it's not a bug but a misunderstanding on my part.

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Message par grojaky » 25 Juin 2008 9:47

Sorry but this is not a bug.
"milieu" is played and the fire comes back to the middle.
On the other hand you win 20-13 which means harpagon has no effect.
If he had played 11+Double dose then you wouldn't have lost 20 however...
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Message par lynkowsky » 25 Juin 2008 9:55

when the card "milieu" is played, the wall doesn't "advance", it only comes back to the middle (a kind of teleportation, not an advance).
Then the wall advance toward your opponent. So, the wall didn't "advance" toward you, so harpagon don't have any effect
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Message par sourcerror » 25 Juin 2008 10:43

Thanks for clearing this up for me guys! :poucehaut:

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