Brief Rules Summary for Beginners

Combattez les sorciers à coup de sorts plus puissants les uns que les autres. un superbe jeu de Philippe des Pallières et François Bruel.

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Brief Rules Summary for Beginners

Message par Shibumi14 » 27 Avr 2018 12:36

Posting this to make it easy for any new players to pick up the game, hopefully get some new players. Just covering the main ideas, and rules of the game. The strategy comes from having a firm grasp of the rules, and understanding how your opponent thinks.

It is a 2 player game in which each player controls a wizard on opposite sides of a Bridge. There is a Wall of Fire which starts in the middle. Each player is attempting to push the Wall towards his opponent, in order to force them off their end. The length of the Bridge shrinks each Round, so the Match has a finite possible number possible Rounds.

The game is comprised of Rounds and Turns.

Each player starts every Round with 50 Mana, and begin the standard variant of the game with 5 cards. Each Turn both players bet Mana, attempting to out bet their opponent, in order to push the Wall of Fire toward them. Card spell(s) (more than 1 can be used) can be used to alter the effect of the bets, but typically the higher bet wins, and pushes the wall 1 space toward their opponent. If the bet is tied the wall does not move. All bets are final, and Mana is spent win or lose. Players continue taking Turns until the Round ends.

A round can end one of 3 ways.

- a player hits his opponent with the Wall of Fire
- a player runs out of Mana
- or the End Round card is played - card #4

If a player runs out of Mana, each point of Mana his opponent has remaining moves the wall one space toward the player who ran out of Mana. However, the Wall of fire never moves past where a wizard is standing in a round. In other words, it will always either stop where it hits a wizard, or end the round somewhere in between. When a Round ends the wizards get reset 3 spaces on either side of the current location of the Wall of fire, and 1 space is removed from both ends of the bridge. If both wizards are still on the bridge a new Round begins. If a wizard was knocked off the bridge, his opponent has won and the game is over. Rounds continue until someone wins.

Each player gets another 50 mana and 3 new spell cards at the beginning of each new round. Unused spell cards carry over from the previous round, unused mana does not.

Spell cards are numbered 1 - 14. In the event multiple cards are played in the same turn, cards are resolved in number order starting with the lowest. Thus, Card #1 is always resolved first, it is also the only card that has a persistent effect that continues through the remaining Turns of that Round.

There are 2 cards that can give you back Mana #13 and #14, but your Mana can never exceed 50.

If 2 identical cards are played in the same round they immediately cancel, out of activation order, and do not take effect.

This should be enough to get you started. I will continue with a quick breakdown of what each card does, and some common interactions between cards, but most cards are fairly straight forward. Just keep in mind the order in which they resolve.

Card 1 Mute. Once this card resolves no other spells activate for the rest of that Round. Can only be stopped by playing 2 Mutes during the same Turn.

Card 2 Clone. Copies a card played/discarded by your opponent on the previous Turn. Can be from the last Round if you are in the first Turn of new Round, Mute can be copied in this way and would activate immediately. Copied card then resolves based on its normal activation number. Cards 3 and 13 are common Clone targets. Once played a clone target must be chosen if available, problematic if opponent played Larceny this turn.

Card 3 Larceny. Steals/Cancels all spells played by opponent. Any and all spells played by opponent can be stolen or cancelled. Extremely useful for important situations, hopefully doesn't get Muted.

Card 4 End Round. Round ends Immediately. Bridge shortens and Wizards reset around Wall of Fire. If Wizards are still alive new round begins as normal, or winner is declared. Can be used to win game in certain situations if your opponent is near his end of the bridge, or when you are behind in Mana.

Card 5 Middle. The Wall of Fire resets to the middle position from start of the Round. Very powerful as it can potentially move the Wall 2 spaces. Do not use it when the Wall is closer to your opponent, or it will move the wall toward you.

Card 6 Recycle. After bets are public you may adjust your bet by up to 5. Adjusted value become your new bet and Mana is spent accordingly.

Card 7 Attack Boost. +7 is added to your bet. You do not pay any additional Mana.

Card 8 Double Dose. Bet Value is Doubled. Will double bonus from Attack Boost as it resolves after.

Card 9 Winner Loses. Higher bet loses. Wall moves 1 space toward higher bet instead. Great card, but nasty!

Card #10 Inferno. Wall moves 2 spaces toward loser of bid instead of 1. Can backfire if you lose! Also effectively blocked by Card #11 resistance as it prevents wall from moving toward loser of the bid.

Card #11 Resistance. For this turn the Wall cannot move toward you as a result of losing the bid. Can still be moved by Card #5 Middle.

Card #12 Bad Loser. If you lose the bet, you get your Mana back. Also works if you lose to Card #9 Winner loses. No effect on win or tie.

Card #13 Reserve Boost. Gain 13 Mana back after bid resolves. Mana cannot exceed 50!

Card #14 Suction. Gain back the amount of Mana bid by your opponent after the bid resolves. Can be affected by Card #6 Recycle. Mana cannot exceed 50!

Have Fun!
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Re: Brief Rules Summary for Beginners

Message par covadis » 27 Avr 2018 14:06

Really good summary Shibumi14 !
Thank you !
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Re: Brief Rules Summary for Beginners

Message par SerBaldur » 29 Avr 2018 21:26

Great job - i'm going to try this game now thanks to your writeup!
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Re: Brief Rules Summary for Beginners

Message par Shibumi14 » 03 Mai 2018 5:57

Thanks covadis and SerBaldur!

Additional note for beginner players playing on this site. There is no confirmation on bids so make very sure you have selected the cards you wished to use before submitting your bid. There is a strong tendency in this game to overthink your bet, but most of the time, as with all things, your first instinct was right. However, in the event you do change your mind, be sure you have deselected any card used in your original bid. There is nothing more frustrating than deciding to go for the win with a big bet and inferno and then realizing you still had mute or worse, winner loses selected from your original plan. :(

Good luck and have fun!
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