What would you do?

Combattez les sorciers à coup de sorts plus puissants les uns que les autres. un superbe jeu de Philippe des Pallières et François Bruel.

Modérateurs : lynkowsky, diplojak, fredm, Piano

What would you do?

Message par Shibumi14 » 07 Mai 2017 8:58

Was perusing the games in the top tier of the Shazamm league, and came across a very interesting situation.

Shazamm Game #66773 On turn 26

Curious to know what other players would bid in this situation as either player? I have made my decision and will post with reasoning after game is completed.

Please do not post any replies until the game is over. Would not want to influence the game.

Enjoying spectating, good luck to both players!
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Re: What would you do?

Message par Mysterix » 07 Mai 2017 11:22

Same as you, but +1 :p
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