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Combattez les sorciers à coup de sorts plus puissants les uns que les autres. un superbe jeu de Philippe des Pallières et François Bruel.
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possible bug with inferno

23 Juil 2015 22:11

referencing game 64819

On turn 16, I played inferno with the fire in the 8th spot from the right, and opponent was 7th from the right. since i won the round, the card seems to say the fire moves two spots regardless of where opponent stands: "If the Fire Wall is due to move, it will move two divisions, whatever the direction. If it ends his movement beyond a wizard, it’s no problem: the new round will be set around this new Fire Wall location."

so even though the opponent is blocking the fire, it should move two to the right, stopping 6 from the end, whereas here it stopped 7th i believe?

Curious if I'm misinterpreting the card.


Re: possible bug with inferno

23 Juil 2015 22:23

So, you won the round and the end of round rules applied : the fire is put on your opponent place, and each one is placed 2 squares away from the fire.

Re: possible bug with inferno

23 Juil 2015 22:29

if i didnt play inferno, i agree with you, the fire should move to the right one spot, and we each are placed 3 away. however, since i played inferno, the fire should move two divisions, (i copied the card dsecription in my first post). It makes it pretty clear that no matter where the opponent is, an inferno causes the fire to move two divisions, whereas here it only moved one. so the inferno in this case had no impact, though i think it should

Re: possible bug with inferno

23 Juil 2015 22:32

Well, playing the inferno here was competely useless. Read again the end of round rule ("As soon as the Firewall reaches a wizard’s position"). It does not matter the fire should move 2 spaces : you place it on the loser, and then each one is 2 spaces away.

edit : and it looks like rules is different in French and in English...

Re: possible bug with inferno

24 Juil 2015 4:22

Ah ok so French it says it stops? Yeah English makes it sound like no matter what it moves two spots.

Ok thanks for the clarification. I won't make that mistake again!
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