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la version solo du jeu d'Alban Viard
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Incorrect Deck Distribution?

20 Mars 2013 19:18

I've played Card City a few times on Boiteajeux and I've compared it to the published rules and the tutorial and I think I've found a discrepancy, or perhaps some aspect of the game I don't understand.

The setup rules say that there should be 6 Residential, 4 Industrial, 4 Parking, 3 Commercial, and 3 Leisure per player. So in a solo game there is exactly that amount.

Excluding industrial cards that I purchase, I have seen games with more than 3 leisure cards (excluding the town hall). Is this a bug in the game or some rule that I missed?

Re: Incorrect Deck Distribution?

29 Mars 2013 15:33

Normally it shouldn't happen
Do you have a game number to provide ?

Re: Incorrect Deck Distribution?

29 Mars 2013 15:37

Are you sure that it was not a leisure put back to the deck ? In all your games you have 3 leisure + town hall
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