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Vanuatu game 3527

29 Jan 2016 0:47

Hi Diplojak,

I am playing in this game as blue. I took my last action which was a rest action, and wanted to select the "1 vatu + 1 prosperity point" token, but somehow, only the 1 pp token was taken. I am the only one to have used this action to this point, and not having the 1 vatu will kill my turn (and probably any chance to complete in the game). Could you please adjust the game to show that I took the mentioned token? I am very confused by the implementation of Vanuatu on BaJ, and would suggest that a 'verification' step is added to every move, so that mistakes can be corrected (in a fashion like how Agricola runs here).



Re: Vanuatu game 3527

29 Jan 2016 1:21

The rest bonus is received at the end of the turn
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