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rules question

Message par Dermerlin » 05 Sep 2014 1:44

Now this is a little bit complicated.

I am not allowed to plan an action, if i am not able to perform it yet. So far so good. This works very fine on this site.

- i have no fishes yet
- i am not not on a fish swarm
- the only fish swarm is near an island without a hut of my colour
- all possible huts on this island are already built (alternative: i didn't chose build action / i don't have money to build a hut)
- i didn't chose vendor as character for this round

, it shouldn't be possible to plan selling fish as it's not possible to perform (doesn't matter whether i chose sailing and/or fishing or not).

Am i right here?
I admit it's a complicated case, but nevertheless it shouldn't be allowed (but it is at the moment, i did that in game 2226. No need for correction of the game as it's not important there, but it should be coded correctly, if i am right (and if it's not to much effort as it's a rare case and most of us could live with the wrong coding here))
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