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help! bug!

Message par lajube » 11 Mai 2007 5:51

ma partie courrant avec vv (section 2.1), je voudrait enlever un GIPF de les quatre, mais je n'ai pas eu la question.

can the game be corrected?
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Je joue GIPF!
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Message par alesk » 11 Mai 2007 13:20

Awfully not :(

I had this bug a few days ago, but it was not reproduced in my other moves.
As it is said on the website register page "Registering for the GIPF championship means you accept the GIPF bugs on Boite a Jeux", because I cannot solve them ...

The only thing you could do is to ask your opponent to make a move without capturing your Gipf pieces, and after you make another move and removing your Gipf pieces, but I cannot impose that, so you can use the private messages to determine a sequence of moves that does not put at a disadvantage to anybody, and when you are agree, to make the anounced moves.
But it is something to see with vv.

I am very sorry of all of this :oops: :(
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