What defines the playing order?

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What defines the playing order?

Message par Seko » 08 Sep 2016 22:33

Sometimes the game makes players play two turns in a row instead of progressing in order. I suspect that during the last round, if you haven't played any gangsters, you have to go first, but if you have put more gangsters on towns than anyone else, you get to go last. Is this true or am I just imagining things? There's always a strategical advantage to being the last person who gets to place their gangsters, but it seems if you don't place any on the earlier rounds, it always makes you play first on the final round, meaning you either have to play all on one town to make sure no one else can play more later, or play less and take a risk and just hope no one else plays more even if they can.
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Re: What defines the playing order?

Message par jouons » 08 Sep 2016 22:59

Yes, for the last turn, the player with most gangsters play first.
In case of equality, priority to the normal order of play, displayed by the color cubes on top left.

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Re: What defines the playing order?

Message par frederic.moulis » 08 Sep 2016 23:16

Yes, reading the rules is a good option to understand how a game works :mrgreen:
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