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No bug: Cannot take stolen boat in hand

09 Août 2016 19:56

When I use the thief to steal a neutral boat or another player's boat, the rule says I can choose whether to take it in hand or add it to my warehouse. The BAJ implementation wrongly forces me to put it in the warehouse, so a key tactical element of theft (stealing a valuable boat you can put to good use elsewhere) is eliminated by this incorrect implementation.
(EDIT: not incorrect, just hard to use, see below)
Dernière édition par volkerk le 21 Déc 2016 13:43, édité 1 fois.

Re: BUG: Cannot take stolen boat in hand

09 Août 2016 20:33

At the top of the board you have to select what you want to do with the stolen boat. I had the choice in all my games.

Re: BUG: Cannot take stolen boat in hand

26 Oct 2016 4:49

Thanks for your response. I'm pretty sure I had that option in earlier games too, but not in the game that I posted about (nor the next few times I used a thief). But perhaps I was just blind, I'll pay close attention for a few more games.

The BAJ rules page for Klongs does show a screenshot of this very situation, so at least it used to work.

Re: BUG: Cannot take stolen boat in hand

21 Déc 2016 13:33

I think my problem was that I expected to have the choice of what to do with the boat AFTER clicking on the boat itself, which is the way that seems natural to me. But in this implementation I need to actually select that radio button BEFORE clicking the boat, or it immediately disappears and the boat is put in the warehouse. Since the options are only visible very briefly after selecting the thief, it is easy to overlook them entirely.
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