Taking back your move

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Taking back your move

Message par thekid » 10 Fév 2008 2:46

Hi is there any way to cancel what you have done. I started my turn but wanted to do something else, but can't figure out how to do it. I haven't finalized the turn yet. Thanks.
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Message par yamaneko » 10 Fév 2008 15:32


I will try to answer in english, sorry if it's not perfect :oops:

In this game, you can't go back when you have played. If you did a mistake, you just have to assume it. So the only thing you can do is to finalize the turn and continue the game.
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Message par thekid » 10 Fév 2008 15:58

Thank you, perfect english, much better than my french :D .
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Message par toutoune » 10 Fév 2008 16:26

hey! another Ticket To Ride addict there! hello thekid

welcome in the french fields!

if you want to play/learn some game with me, i am ready to fight!

cu soon
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