Share your strategies la guerre des moutons

Fabriquez l'enclos de moutons le plus grand possible. Un jeu de tuiles pour 2 à 4 joueurs créé par Philippe Des Pallières.

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Share your strategies la guerre des moutons

Message par Seko » 28 Déc 2018 21:42

I have only played this game about 40 times because often when I lose, I don't feel like playing for several weeks. Can people share their strategies?

I'll mention the ones I've found useful.

One is to make an square of 8 by using reveal your color and getting an extra move from that. This requires already having two of your own color lining an empty space but this often happens a lot. In many games where people keep blocking each other a lot and nobody has considerably more tiles than someone else, an area of 8 can be enough to win, especially if combined with a bonus from quitting early. In games with 3 or 4 players, if you quit first, the remaining players can be so busy blocking each other from getting an area that none of them manage to get anything larger than 6.

Sometimes if someone quits early in a 3 person game, the remaining 2 can both keep building their own areas without trying to block each other and they know if they don't fight each other, they either win or come second, but I generally save some pieces that I can use to make it hard or impossible for the other player to finish their area of they decide to do something that hinders me.

The most effective strategy so far, at least in 2 person games, is to try to get at least 2 walls matched on each move, maybe even 3 if you're lucky, and concentrate on trying to ensure that you have like 8 more pieces than your opponent when the tiles run out. By that point you generally have several good tiles in your own color. Then you just continue blocking your opponent until they run out of tiles or give up, after which you can build a large area with nobody there to stop you. The key is not playing tiles that are needed for your planned area until your opponent has given up. The thing gets problematic if the opponent is trying to do the same thing. If they keep leaving very little places that have two sides to match, there's a chance that you don't have a role that matches any of them.

One is also to save wolves for late game if you have two or three and then pool them against the opponent's area in one turn when you know there aren't enough hunters left to neutralize all of them. But that's a bit of a dick move.

One thing I tried once in a two person game was initially pretend I was trying to make a big area for yellow when I was some other color. The opponent kept blocking me at every turn. Eventually I had to reveal that wasn't actually my color but they put a lot of moves into blocking me, while I was building up a reserve of useful tiles in my own color. Of course this can backfire if it actually turns out to be your opponent's color, but it's usually easy to narrow down the options into two possibilities based on what sort of areas they're trying.

If I have to reveal my color without being able to close the area in the same turn, it's good to ensure that there are enough alternatives to cover any combination of edge matches the opponent might throw in to prevent you from closing your area, but sometimes you are missing just one option and that's just the one they end up playing. For example, if you're red and the other edge is blue, you have tiles with red-blue-blue, red-blue-black, red blue yellow and triple red blue, the opponent usually introduces a forest or town edge. After tiles have ran out, there's usually not so many town edges left, while people might be saving some forests so that they can attach them to any color to make a quick connection for a wolf.

You can block anybody if you create a space with town and forest borders because there are no tiles that would have both, but I guess every player learns this early on. Especially in games with 3 or 4 players, if it looks like somebody is close to completing an area, by adding a forest or town border next to an open space bordering their area, usually someone else adds the other piece on the other side of the gap to complete the block before the person building the area has their next turn.
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Re: Share your strategies la guerre des moutons

Message par OrdE » 29 Déc 2018 10:52

I don't play 3 or 4 players games as too often I found myself alone.
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