Broken Alchemists game #23537

Broken Alchemists game #23537

Message par jujubee » 12 Août 2019 2:21


I just joined an Alchemists game as a substitute player, and the page isn't showing a major part of the board and many of the elements of the game are simply missing... nor will it allow me to move. It appears to be broken for other players, too.

Is it possible to fix it? I can't attached a screen shot for you because I get the following error:

"Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached." Bummer.

If it isn't possible to fix, it seems the game creator is open to having the game deleted (per the comments in the game).

Thanks for your help.
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Re: Broken Alchemists game #23537

Message par lynkowsky » 12 Août 2019 9:13

ok, game deleted
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Re: Broken Alchemists game #23537

Message par ivyed_seer » 15 Août 2019 22:22

I asked to delete this game two months ago - just to mention...
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