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"Playdate" games

Message Publié : 12 Mars 2019 18:24
par Zeuticus
I'm thinking it would be fun for a group to agree to meet at a certain time and just play through a focused game quickly, rather than stringing it out over days or weeks.

I created a 5-player Concordia game called "Playdate 19-22:00gmt" and the idea is everyone stays online and plays through the game in one sitting. Ideally everyone plans out their moves while others are taking their turns, so the game moves quickly.

If you're interested, join up in the waiting room. I set the ELO minimum to 1550 so that we wouldn't get any noobs. I'm guessing this one might not get filled in time, but if we have 2, 3 or 4 people we could remake for the smaller group.