my name jeff im doin this for school

Vous voulez parler du portail, c'est ici que cela se passe!

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my name jeff im doin this for school

Message par Mynamejeff69 » 08 Fév 2018 14:54

I played with dumbretard69 (Ian), Firebjorne(Jeremy), and Ashtrash (Ashley). The game was kind of laggy and confusing as to who's turn it was. The updating should be in real time. The game was also just not fun in general playing a card game without actually using cards is annoying. Next time I would actually try because I didn't due to the updating time. The game mechanics that I liked was nothing really.
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Re: my name jeff im doin this for school

Message par jouons » 08 Fév 2018 15:35

You kids don't have all 3 to come complain about a thing you didn't understand at all.

So this website is turn-based games, it's not live, if you want live you press F5 regularly.
Usually I play my games then I come later (often it's 5 min later :mrgreen:)

Dixit is a game where one player plays then all the other ones at the same time, that might explain your confusion on whose turn is it.

If you don't know the rules for sure you will have some problem.
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Re: my name jeff im doin this for school

Message par frederic.moulis » 08 Fév 2018 15:48

You can also play quite live (auto refresh of the game) if you come Premium.
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